Where can we purchase your products in Ludington?
We have a store at 177 N Meyers Road, Ludington.  Or you can purchase our products at Larson Ace Hardware, AGS and Avenue End Mini Mall. 

Will Pic's & Wic's air fresheners melt or change shape?  
Our air fresheners will not melt or change in shape unless they are in extreme heat - 150 degrees or above. Their color may fade if left in the sun for several months. 

How long does Pic's & Wic's air fresheners last?
Once removed from their bags, typically, 30 days.  Some scents are stronger than others and may last even longer.  
Heat makes the scent release more quickly, especially in summer months and if you keep your windows down in your car a lot, they may not last as long.   We do recommend, when possible, to park your car in a shade and put up a sunshade/window visor.  Just make sure that your air freshener is NOT placed between the visor and the window!  

If kept zipped in their bags, they will last months and months. Just make sure you keep them away from direct sunlight and any heat source. 

It's been only a few days and I can't smell it any more, WHY? 
You may have become "nose blind" to that scent. To prevent nose-blindness, simply take down your air freshener and put up a new one with a different scent every few weeks. The 'old' one can be placed back in the bag it came in until you are ready to use it again!

What is "Nose-blindness"? 
When you are nose blind, you can no longer detect certain smells  In particular, this applies to not being able to smell odors in a place where you spend a substantial amount of time.  

Besides the car, where can I use my Pic's & Wic's air freshener?
- Bathroom 

-By the cat box
-Laundry room
-Office - use a wire ornament holder to hang the air freshener on and place it on your desk!
-Christmas tree ornament - make your artificial tree smell like a real blue spruce. 
-Bottom of a trash can
-Any small space 

After they no longer smell, they make great Christmas tree ornaments or if you are a hunter, a great target.