Collection: Vintage Tub Goat Milk Soap

Vintage Tub Goat Milk Soaps are handmade in Ludington .  Their soaps are made in small batches using the cold process method and allowed to cure for a full 6 weeks to give you a hard long lasting bar of soap.

It's no lie you can't make soap without lye. All true soap  is made using it. We carefully weigh each of the ingredients used and use more oils and butters then necessary ( this is called super-fatting ) so that the finished bar is not lye heavy. A properly made bar of handmade soap should not leave your skin feeling irritated, nor does it strip your skin of it's natural oils, so you don't end up with tight dry feeling skin. Hand made soap if super fatted, will not give you that squeaky clean feeling ( you have been stripped of your natural oils  ) like a store bought bar, but you will be clean and your skin will have a dewy feel to it after bath or shower. Part of the reason for this is that we do not strip the soap of it's naturally occurring glycerin, like a commercial bar has been. Manufacturer's do this in order to sell the glycerin as a stand alone product to increase their bottom line. Glycerin is a humidistat which naturally draws moisture to it.